Beside computers and free and open source software, and music and watching classic movies, my first ever passion in life was football. Fell in love when the Nigerian Youth team played in Saudi Arabia. I still remember the game tagged the miracle of Dar-man when we were down to the then USSR by 4-0 and with 20 min to go we equalized and went on to win the game on penalties. Ever since i have been a loyal supporter of the Nigerian National team through thick and thing.

This weekend we had a crucial world cup qualifier game against Tunisia it is a must win game for us. If we lose or draw then our qualification to the world cup would have left our hands and would depend on Tunisia (who currently top our group) losing . I decided to do something i have never done before. Bought a ticket and went to see the game live at the Abuja National Stadium. I was not alone and lots of Nigerians and non Nigerians came out in large numbers all wearing the national colors so the whole arena was painted green and white.

It was a great game our boys played really well, but we drew the match which was really painful because we led the game twice but the Tunisian came back. oh well i guess there are no guarantee in life we live to fight another day i guess. Anyway here are some pictures i took at the stadium thought i should share.

P.S I really missed the presence of someone who is very dear to me, just want to say i missed you very much and i love you dearly. i wrote this for you. (you know who you are)