While surfing the net feeling bored  (after waking up in the middle of the night and finding it hard to sleep. well that is quite another story) I found a cool pidgin plugin called pidgin-identica-status what it does is Use your  (or infact any ) Identica feed as your pidgin status message

How it works

It grabs an identi.ca RSS feed and uses the latest update as your Pidgin status message.


First you have to make sure that perl is enabled in pidgin to find out : In Pidgin, navigate to Help->About and find “Perl Enabled” If Perl is not enabled, you may have to install Perl and then re-install Pidgin. (afaik Perl is installed by default on ubuntu so if you are using ubuntu you may skip this step)

Needs the perl rss and the perl simple module to work i easily installed this by

sudo apt-get install libxml-rss-perl libxml-simple-perl
or open the synaptic package manager (Systems/Administration/Synaptic) search for and install

once that is done.

and place it in your home diretory under .purple/plugins (.purple is a hidden directory and you have to ctrl+h to see it) if you go to the .purple directory and you don’t see plugins you can create one. (that was what i did in my case.)
then i restarted pidgin (not sure if this is necessary)

Enable Plugin
Goto Tools/Plug-ins

Enable Identica-Status

Make sure you Configure Plugin and put the identi.ca username you want

Once all is done you would see you Identi.ca notices as you pidgin status.