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Why Google will not buy Canonical

These post is a response to 2 Reasons Why Google Should Buy Ubuntu posted on Ghabuntu I personally don’t see google buying canonical happening any time soon. (Nor should they) Canonical’s business model is built round the very thing googl...

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Better Clickpad Support for Ubuntu 11.04

Ever since I got my HP probook 4420s I have been on a search for the Touchpad (or Clickpad as it is called) Nirvana. On Kubuntu 10.10 Out of the box the clickpad was basically useless, right click and middle … Continue reading →...

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Enable MultiTouch Support for Clickpad On Ubuntu 10.10

NB if you are on U|K|Xubuntu 11.04 there is a better workaround were both right / middle click and multitouch works and works way better than this. Although I don’t know if same would work on Ubuntu 10.10. One thing … Continue reading &r...;

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How to safely remove PPA Repository from Ubuntu

We sometimes find what we are looking for while searching for something completely different. This happened to me recently. I was searching for a way to  fix some graphic performance issues being experienced on kubuntu, when I stumbled upon (no pun...

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