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Why Google will not buy Canonical

These post is a response to 2 Reasons Why Google Should Buy Ubuntu posted on Ghabuntu I personally don’t see google buying canonical happening any time soon. (Nor should they) Canonical’s business model is built round the very thing googl...

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A for Artha, The Awesome offline Dictionary for Linux

One area that I have always found lacking on Linux is a good Dictionary software. I have tired quite a few free and opensource dictionary software for linux, some  very good, but non had the WOW factor to keep me using … Continue reading &ra...;

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KeePassX: Cross Platform Password Manager for Linux

Someone once told me that any password you can remember off hand, is most likely a weak password. Even though this is by no means fool proof, it is often advised to use passwords made up of combinations of numbers, … Continue reading →...

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Archlinux the best way to K.I.S.S

Ok its official, am a perceptual distro hopper at last count I have tried over 40 different Linux distributions. Its a hobby am addicted to (partly due to the fact that the school were i work is in the middle … Continue reading →...

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