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My Discovery of the Week: Installing Applications via Krunner

I accidently stumbled upon this feature while trying to run skype via krunner when something else I did not quite intend showed up as I was typing skype into krunner I wasn’t quite interested in beneath-a-steel-sky (whatever that is) but &helli...;

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Pastebin Plasma widget

Being a Linux sysadmin, The need often arises to share debug logs, configuration files or text snippets using services such as pastebin. Usually I use a tool called pastebinit which is a powerful commandline application that makes the process of &hel...;

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Enable MultiTouch Support for Clickpad On Ubuntu 10.10

NB if you are on U|K|Xubuntu 11.04 there is a better workaround were both right / middle click and multitouch works and works way better than this. Although I don’t know if same would work on Ubuntu 10.10. One thing … Continue reading &r...;

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Looks like Clementine might just win the MVP on my Desktop

For as long as I can remember my number one music player on Linux (or in fact anywhere) has been amarok. Although, I took a little break from it during its shaky transition from 1.4 to 2.x. I came back … Continue reading →...

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