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Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Android Honeycomb

Getting down to the meat of the issue. After lots of considerations I finally got myself an android tablet. The device I choose is the Galaxy tab 8.9. I have used the device for close to a week and here … Continue reading →...

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Why Google will not buy Canonical

These post is a response to 2 Reasons Why Google Should Buy Ubuntu posted on Ghabuntu I personally don’t see google buying canonical happening any time soon. (Nor should they) Canonical’s business model is built round the very thing googl...

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Improving the Linux Ecosystem from Within: Thoughts on Adobe Axing Adobe Air for Linux

First of, I never ever been a fan of Adobe Air apps, their lack of integration with the native OS UI (At least on Linux) is a big turn off of me. Hence when Adobe announced that they would be … Continue reading →...

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