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A for Artha, The Awesome offline Dictionary for Linux

One area that I have always found lacking on Linux is a good Dictionary software. I have tired quite a few free and opensource dictionary software for linux, some  very good, but non had the WOW factor to keep me using … Continue reading &ra...;

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How to safely remove PPA Repository from Ubuntu

We sometimes find what we are looking for while searching for something completely different. This happened to me recently. I was searching for a way to  fix some graphic performance issues being experienced on kubuntu, when I stumbled upon (no pun...

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Encode and sync music to your portable music player in linux

Ok so today turned out to be a not so good day for me, and like all not so good days I try do something which would distract me, something i love doing. Hence this post. Nope I don’t want … Continue reading →...

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The Ultimate Blogging Client for Linux

How it all started Ever since i started a blog i had always wanted a wanted a application which would allow me do my blogging (preferably offline ) without having to use the web browser. One of the reasons for … Continue reading →...

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