July Screenshot

I spend most of my time on my PC, for one am a System Administrator so i get to use the computer a lot, i also happen to work in a place which is located in the middle of no where really so i have little else to do than play with my PC. Its my closet link to the outside work. The direct result of all these factors is that i love to make my PC as comfortable as i can and when am bored i change the layout to something pleasing till the next time am bored.

Hence i decided to modify my screenshot page so that i can update it with monthly screenshots of my pc

Here is for the month of July 2009



kde 4

The Theme for this month is KDE 4.3 I recently moved to kubuntu 9.04 from Ubuntu 9.04 and am feeling more at home with KDE 4.3 I Hope to blog a review sometimes in future cheers

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  • http://blog.paultags.com Paul Tagliamonte

    That is incredibly gorgeous. Flat out amazing. I might have to look into changing my theme a bit.

    Outstanding work, man.

  • http://bigbrovar.wordpress.com/ Bigbrovar

    Thanks you kde too?

  • http://havn'tbeenblogginginAGES,lol mynameistux

    that’s pretty cool.
    Wondering, does KDE adjust the colours based on the colour of your wallpaper, it looks like you have set a frosted glass look for the menu at the bottom (idk what kde calls it) but if you don’t have to change that, then kde is awesomer than I thought.

  • http://enli.co.cc enli

    Stunning work!

    I am going to check out kde right now :D

    It would be great if you post important information about screenshots like themes, iconset , any additional gadgets if any and wallpaper used. It helps a lot.