Blueman – An Awesome Bluetooth manager for Ubuntu

Bluetooth support has always been shaky in gnome. The default bluetooth manager is often very basic and unintuitive. Things like connecting to an audio or input device and Connecting to 3G/EDGE/GPRS via dial-up were either impossible or  not easy and straight forward to set-up. Bluetooth support took a nose dive in Intrepid Ibex when even the basic bluetooth support  got broken, when i updated to Ubuntu 8.10. sending files from my laptop to my Nokia Internet Tablet become chore.  sometimes it worked, most times it doesn’t. “well shit happens you cant always have it all” that was my attitude to the whole bluetooth problem till i found out about Blueman.

Blueman is a GTK Bluetooth Manager that intergrate well with the gnome desktop environment. It is designed to provide simple, yet effective means for controlling BlueZ API and simplifying bluetooth tasks such as:

* Connecting to 3G/EDGE/GPRS via dial-up
* Connecting to/Creating bluetooth networks
* Connecting to input devices
* Connecting to audio devices
* Sending/Receiving/Browsing files via OBEX
* Pairing

Further more It integrates with Network Manager 0.7, so any Dialup/Network connections will be made available (via HAL) to Network Manager, now tell me that is not just sweet.

Installation is dead easy. just add the applicable PPA repository to your sources.list

Jaunty (ubuntu 9.04)
deb jaunty main

Intrepid (ubuntu 8.10)
deb intrepid main

hardy (ubuntu 8.04)
deb hardy main

Gutsy (ubuntu 7.10)
deb gutsy main

To add a 3rd party repository to your sources.list just go to /System/Administration/Software/Sources/ click on Third-Party Software tab, Click on add, then copy and paste the blueman sourcelist  for the version of Ubuntu your are running.
Once this is done Open synaptic (System/Administration/Synaptic) and click reload. to refresh and then search for and install blueman.

If like me you prefer the terminal

open Terminal and run

echo 'deb intrepid main' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list ; sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude install blueman

note to replace intrepid with what ever version of ubuntu you are running ..
if updating complains about verification . you can download the OpenPGP key from here and follow this instructions on how to add a OpenPGP key to a PPA 3rd party repository.

Blueman will remove and replace the default bluetooth manager that came preinstalled with ubuntu. It would also remove some packages, upgrade some, but in the end what you’ll get after installation is something more slick,powerful, and well integrated to your desktop. You will find the admin console under /system/preference/bluetooth manager  and a small bluetooth icon in your notification area which comes up when a bluetooth device is connected to your system.

while being very easy to use. here are some


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  • Tom

    Thanks for your guide. I was trying to get my eeePC running eeebuntu working with my phone as a modem so I can use Skype on the road. Blueman installed fine – except the install removed Skype!!

    Now to see if installing Skype uninstalls Blueman and I enter the loop of doom…

  • Bigbrovar

    @Tom that is weird i have both blueman and skype installed on my system.. happily living together .. maybe its has something to do with eeebuntu..

  • BigS

    Thanks for the info – it works very well on my pc:-)

  • Bigbrovar

    BigS@ glad it did, also gald to be of help

  • Derek G

    It finds the mouse, connects.. then gives me a disconnected message. Help!
    I am using a Logitech m-rcq142 mouse.

  • Bigbrovar

    @ Derek G sorry for the late reply but i dont use a logitech bluetooth mouse dont know what the problem could be head to the blueman’s forum and post the problem there

  • mynameistux

    Does this fully support the new jaunty notification thingamabob?

  • Ty

    Thanks a lot for this post, I just installed blueman after they yanked kinputwizard post-upgrade. It works wonderfully!

  • MiSHAK

    proper command for 9.04 is:
    echo ‘deb intrepid main’ | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list ; sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude install blueman

    • Bigbrovar

      yeah i noticed that the sudo were missing a while back .. just been too busy to edit it .. thanks

  • Anthony

    Thanks for this post! You have really made my day. Blueman works excellent.

    • Bigbrovar

      Glad to be of help John, The real thanks should go to the friendly blueman developers for giving us a fabulous application

  • John

    So glad I found this guide on blueman. My new jaunty install on my Dell Mini 9 was not finding my Logitech travel mouse until I installed Blueman. Now it works like a charm. Many thanks!

    • Bigbrovar

      Glad to be of help.

  • Mantas

    I’m getting tired of firing up my btoes on 9.04 ;(

    Came up with blueman. It installs, removes bluez crap. I plug in dongle and get square icon on taskbar, which in general is the same bluez tool (though I even removed it with synaptics). Nothing opens except about, which says it’s bluez.

    My device shows timeout at scan, though it ignites taskbar icon (either bluez of blueman, which ever it is).

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  • daniel

    i am trying to use my iphone via bluetooth to allow my hardy heron desktop to be able to connect to the internet. I think my problkem is that I don’t have a wireless adapter to setup an ad hoc connection. I wouldn’t mind using usb but I can’t find how to do it. Anyway, I am trying blueman but I am getting an error when trying to add the iphone as a NAP. Here’s the screenshot. can anyone help?

    any help would be appreciated

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  • Peter Si

    Awesome guys! Awesome! Just select it from

    Preferences > Bluetooth Manager

    And away you go. It just works!

  • victor

    thank you very much, i’ve been searchin for a while how to serial connect my p910i to communicate trough at commands, and now i can do it, thank you a lot…

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