How to make M1330's eject button work with Ubuntu

One problem i had with my dell is not really a critical issue more of an annoyance. The fancy eject button just above my the dell’s keyboard those not work. I would have to manually right click and eject any mounted cd from its icon on the desktop. it would make my life easier if solved. well i have found a solution

open terminal


and run this command.

sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf

now add this line to the bottom of the config text file that opens

# allow eject of cdrom using eject button

save and close.

The eject botton should now work.

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  • Doug

    I found your information very helpful. Thanks.

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  • Bharatwaj Appasamy

    Hi… This was very helpful. I did what you said and it worked instantly. However when I opened the file, it was actually blank, as though it was being created for the first time. Is that so?

  • Kibot Rusak

    i have dell inspiron 1440…. this button still doesn't work bro… ;)